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Increase your reservations through our connection to a global distribution system

Content edition

1. We edit your advert

We edit your property ads for free, avoiding content duplications.

Calendar update

2. Calendars update

We update calendars instantly through iCal and XML.

Increase revenue

3. We maximize the revenue

We make your property more profitable and competitive, maximizing the income per night.


4. Distribution

We distribute your property through all our channels, increasing the bookings possibilities.

24h call centre

5. Call center 24/7

Call center 24 hours, every day of the week and 365 days a year.

15% prepayment

6. We prepay 15%

When receiving a reservation, also you’re going to receive a prepayment 15% of booking amount.

Secure payment

7. Guaranteed payments

Thanks to our cancellation policy you will be protected in case of non-payments.

No exclusivity

8. Without exclusivity

Simultaneously you can work with other travel portals, we do not require you to do it only with moRentals.

Free publishing

9. Without commissions

Registering and publishing your property at moRentals is free. We do not apply fees above reservations.

Legal Advise

10. Legal advise

We give you legal advice and we made the required procedure to ensure that properties follow the law.