Access to 30.000 Travel Agencies

Competition in the Short Term Rental market is increasing

Differentiate yourself from your competition

At moRentals we open the door to very differentiated distributors such as tour operators, wholesalers, airlines and loyal partners.

Booking Management

We take care of 100% of the reservation process

We provide 24/7 support

You will receive the reservations without having to worry about anything during the whole process.

Collection and prepayment management

We take care of the charges to travelers

In addition to managing the entire reservation process

We also take care of travelers' charges, which will mean that you will always be protected by us against possible defaults.

We edit your ad

We edit your ads for free, avoiding content duplication

We also give you access to our extranet

Designed to make querying data simple and intuitive. We have other alternatives to connect: XML, Channels Manager or API. You decide which one you prefer.

15% prepaid

We pay 15% in advance

In addition to managing the entire reservation process

Upon receiving a reservation, you will also receive a prepayment of 15% of the reservation amount.

0% commissions

Distribute through us has no costs for you.

We work with net prices

We work with net prices on which we use advanced dynamic price management techniques.




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